Compact, light and extremely rugged, the Apollo 50 Watt bass head and accompanying 1x15 cabinet comprise a very useful, sweet, and robust little amp that perfectly suits most studio work, stages with in-ear monitors, and small and large clubs.

Based on a favorite bass amp model from the '60s and '70s, the Apollo offers some essential enhancements that make it more reliable and useable for the modern bassist. In addition to the normal Treble and Bass tone stack associated with vintage amps, Apollo has as 3-way 'Pad' switch that adjusts the input levels to accommodate modern basses with active electronics (a shortcoming of all vintage amps). These settings make it suitable for rock, vintage, funk, slap, modern, jazz and beyond.

The bandwidth switch adds to the Apollo's versatility, with a 'Normal' setting that limits the frequency response for an accurate vintage tone and a 'Full' setting that expands the Bass and Treble frequencies for the sound of industry standard high-powered amps. Stocked with a uniquely modified Mercury Magnetics transformer and a custom-designed Celestion speaker, the Apollo packs a surprisingly solid punch in its compact size. The cabinet is constructed from durable 11-ply Baltic Birch with half blind dovetail joints making the cabinet an integral part of the sound; not just a box to hold the speaker. The result is an unexpectedly powerful and musical tool for bass players of all types. Built with 65 Amp's usual panache and intelligent design, the Apollo eliminates the servicing nightmares players often experience when taking some popular tube bass amps on the road.


Output: 50 Watts
Pre-amp tubes: 2 x 6SL7
Power tubes: 2 x 6L6
Rectifier: 5AR4 / GZ34
Panel controls: ON/OFF, Standby, Bass, Treble and Volume controls; Pad, Half and Normal switch; Full and Normal switch
Extras: Passive effects loop, two-button footswitch jack, dual speaker outs, switch for 4Ω & 8Ω impedance
Cabinet: Finger-jointed Baltic birch
Speaker: Custom 400 Watt 15-inch bass speaker made for 65amps by Celestion (BL15 - 400)
Accessories: Footswitch included


Head: 20.75" W x 8.5" D x 10.5" H
115 Cabinet: 23" W x 17.75" D x 23.75" H
Weight in box: Head: 29 lbs, Cabinet 66 lbs

List prices back in the days (2010):

Head: $2,195
Cabinet: $645

Downloads for the Apollo's power transformer datasheet below the picture of an Apollo 2x15 stack: