The Blue Line Cabinets:

65 Amps Blue Line 2 x 12 cabinet


65 Amps' extension cabinets are perfectly matched to their heads and are available in a variety of finishes and speaker configurations. 65 Amps uses void-free Baltic Birch open-back cabs that are dovetail jointed. This a more expensive way to build cabs, but well worth it for the benefits of this type of construction. The cabinet, after all, is a part of your sound and any compromise in build quality is a compromise in tone . . .

Dovetail joinery has a couple of benefits – one practical, one tonal:

  • Dovetail joints done properly give the cabinet much greater strength and longevity. All of the great amps from the ‘50s and ‘60s were properly joined, and that's why they’re still around today sounding great. 65 Amps wants to keep their quality at that level or higher.
  • Proper joints also give the cabinet a crisper, more detailed sound. With the rigid, strong joints there is less waffling of the wood in the cab and the speakers sound more articulate and responsive.

The speakers in 65 Amps' cabinets are all made by Celestion, and they offer a few configurations. Their 2x12 and 4x12 cabs feature a mix of Celestion G12H30 and AlNiCo gold or blue speakers. The result is lots of punch and throaty detail at the same time.

65 Amps' cabinets come with their standard Black and Cream tolex finish or they offer custom colors combos like Burgundy and Tan, or Green and Brown, but they can make whatever you prefer. Custom colors can add time to the process.

4 x 12 Cabinets

The perfect “big stage” cabinets for 65 Amps' standard heads like the London, SoHo, Monterey, Stone Pony and more. Our 4x12 cabs come standard as Stereo cabs that can be configured as: Mono 16ohms or Mono 4ohms or Stereo 8ohms.

Speakers: 2 x Celestion G12H30 plus 2 x Celestion AlNiCo Blues or Golds
Power: With AlNiCo Blues rated at 90 watts, with Golds rated at 160.
Dimensions: 27.75" W x 14" D x 28.5" H
Weight: 85 lbs

2 x 12 Cabinets

Royal Albert stack: both cabinets Celestion G12H30 & Alnico Blue

Royal Albert stack: both cabinets Celestion G12H30 & Alnico Blue

Also the right accompaniment for any of 65 Amps' standard size amplifier heads, like the London, SoHo, Monterey, Stone Pony and more. These cabs are build to the same ultra-high standards as all of our cabs. Our 2x12’s have a tuned horizontal port in the rear to maximize efficiency and punch. These cabs are the favorites of touring pros and studios around the world.

Speakers: Celestion G12H30 + AlNiCo blue (our recommended configuration) or Celestion G12H30 + AlNiCo gold
Power: 45 Watts with the G12H30 + AlNiCo blue speakers, 80 Watts with G12H30 + AlNiCo gold
Dimensions: 25" W x 10" D x 19.75" H
Weight: 69 lbs

1 x 12 Cabinets

This cabinet fits the Lil' Elvis or Tupelo head like a glove, or you can use it as an extension for your Lil' Elvis or Tupelo Combo (see picture below).

Speaker: Available with any one of these speakers – Celestion G12H30, AlNiCo Blue or AlNiCo Gold
Power: 30 Watts with the G12H30, 20 Watts with AlNiCo Blue, and 50 Watts with AlNiCo Gold
Dimensions: 21.5" W x 12,75" D x 18.5" H
Weight: 47 lbs

"Lil' Elvis stack"; combo on top of a 1 x 12 extension cabinet (a "Tupelo stack" will have the same front view).

1 x 15 Cabinet

This is the cabinet for the Apollo bass head. The cabinet is a very punchy, tight, and full sounding 1x15 with a special Celestion bass speaker. Celestion has done a fantastic job with the speaker and really makes this little amp sound big! The cab is from 11ply Baltic Birch again with ½" blind dovetail joints built to the same ultra-high standard as 65 Amps' guitar cabs! It’s compact, light and extremely rugged. Frontpanel can be removed. Side handles.

Speaker: Custom Celestion BL15-400x
Power: 400 Watts
Dimensions: 23" W x 17.75" D x 23.75" H
Weight: 66 lbs


The guitar cabinets of 65 Amps normally have an impedance 16Ω and the cabinet of the Apollo Bass normally has an impedance of 8Ω. You can always look on the tag that should be on the speaker to tell you what the impedance is. When in doubt you can easily measure the impedance of your cabinet with the help of a multimeter and your TS speaker cable (TS stands for tip - sleeve). Insert your TS speaker cable in the cabinet and measure on the other end of the cable with your multimeter (set to Ω) the impedance across the tip and the sleeve. The multimeter only measures resistance (not impedance). Please remind that the multimeter, set on resistance, will therefore always measure lower than the impedance of the speaker. If you measure a speaker that is 16Ω, you will measure anywhere between 10Ω and 14Ω. An 8Ω speaker will measure approximately between 5Ω to 7Ω and a 4Ω speaker will measure around 2Ω to 3Ω. Impedance always measures a lower resistance than the rated impedance.

List Prices back in the days (2010):

4 x 12 Cabinet: $1950
2 x 12 Cabinet: $979
1 x 12 Cabinet: $649
1 x 15 Cabinet: $645


List Prices - even more - back in the days (2007):

4 x 12 Mono / Stereo Cabinet with dual ports:
2 x Celestion G12H30 & 2 Celestion Alnico Blue - $1,949
4 x Celestion G12H30 - $1,549
2 x 12 Cabinet Celestion G12H30 & Alnico Blue - $949
2 x 12 Cabinet 2 x Celestion G12H30 - $849
1 x 12 Cabinet 1 x Celestion Alnico Blue - $849
1 x 12 Cabinet 1 x Celestion G12H30 - $725
2 x 10 Cabinet 2 x Celestion Heritage10 - $849



Above an example of a custom color 2 x 12 cabinet. This one was made for Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick for their tour in 2010.
You can see this cabinet as well on the 2009 Winter NAMM line up video on the Blue Line amp page.