The Empire is the culmination, thus far, of all the desires and knowledge that 65 Amps has collected. Since the inception of 65 Amps, Peter Stroud and Dan Boul have fantasized about an amp that is hyper-functional and delivers proper classic British tones; not just a good imitation. The Empire represents over four years of attention and ultra-detailed research into the subtleties of several eras of EL34 based British amps ranging from the mid-sixties up through the ‘90s. Taking the best from each, 65 Amps has put together the Empire, which can deliver three distinct, useful and rich British tones that you will instantly recognize and have dreamed about.
The Empire tube compliment consists of 2 6V6s and a 12AX7 preamp. Peter, Dan and crew have successfully pulled off the hat-trick of making 6V6s sound exactly like vintage EL34s. Peter and Dan have been pursuing this effect since the late ‘80s when they used to mod small old American amps to sound like big British amps. With over 20 years of pursuit, they have found the exact formula! For decades guitar players dreamed about having all those classic British sounds at their fingertips at volumes that meet modern requirements.
The Empire is as versatile as it is toneful. It’s set up to offer you three of 65 Amps favorite voice configurations that you can choose from using a foot pedal or the select switch. The first voice is derived from that cleaner early ’60s Townsend-like tone; the second is from the classic, fat and dirty ’68-’72 era; and the third is a higher-gain, hot-rodded ’80s tone. With one switch of the foot pedal you can switch between first and second voice. With the other switch of the dual latching foot pedal you can switch the third on and off.
Bass, Mid and Treble controls, plus our proprietary Bump switch, let you tweak the tone to your liking. Instantly go from a crunchy rhythm to a wailing lead and everything in between.
Equipped with 65amps’ proprietary “Master Voltage™”, the Empire can deliver amazing tone at a variety of volumes, from big stages to bedroom volumes. The 65 Amps Empire is the 21st century recording, working, gigging and jamming amp! Introduced in 2011.


Output: 22 Watts
Pre-amp tubes: 5 x 12 AX7
Power tubes: 2 x 6V6
Rectifier: Solid state
Panel controls: On, Off, Standby, Master Voltage™, Presence, Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume 1, 2, 3, Bump switch, Select switch
Extras: Series effects loop (not standard), footswitch input jack, dual speaker outs, switch for 8Ω & 16Ω impedance
Accessories: Footswitch included
Cabinet: Finger-jointed Baltic birch


Head: 25" L x 9" D x 11" H / 26.4 lbs.
Weight in box: 35 lbs.
Speaker combinations when paired with a cabinet:
2x12" Celestion G12H30 and AlNiCo blue (our recommended configuration) or Celestion G12H30 and AlNiCo gold
4x12" Celestion G12H30 (2x) and Celestion AlNiCo Blue or Gold (2x)

List Price back in the days (2013):

Head - $2,995

User manual:

The user manual .pdf you can download below.