Evolved from some of the Mid Sixties best low powered amplifiers. The 2xEL84, Cathode Biased, Class A sound is that of astonishing warmth, depth, harmonic richness all in a small package that allows big-amp sound on small stages, in the studio or at home.
Trem channel – 12AX7 based with a single tone knob and an organic Bias tremolo activated by a footswitch. This channel is the one for many of your classic British tones from your favorite Blues and Rock records.
Color Channel – EF86 (pentode) based with a tone knob and 6-way color switch that adjusts the mid focus. This channel is reminiscent of the British Invasion sound until you push it hard via the Booster Switch and then it flips into ultra-rich, harmonic saturation that defines modern day boutique amplifiers. Introduced in 2005.


  • 18 Watt
  • Complete point to point hand wiring, 100% hand assembled with care and 100% made in the USA.
  • Each amp is custom voiced and broken-in thoroughly before sale to ensure 100% reliability and maximum tone!


  • Normal channel is cascode/pentode based with Tone and 6-way Color controls.
  • Classic Tremolo Channel is 12AX7 based with single Tone, Speed and Intensity controls.
  • Cut knob affecting both channels.


  • 1 x EF86, 2 x 12AX7, 2 x EL84, 1 x EZ81
  • Pre-amp tubes: Premium Cascode/Pentode & 12AX7.
  • Phase inverter: Premium 12AX7.
  • Power tubes: Matched Premium EL84's.
  • Rectifier: Sovtek 6CA4/EZ81.


  • 1/2 watt 5% NOS Allen Bradley Carbon Comps in all tone-affecting positions.
  • 1% or 2% Metal films, wirewound otherwise.


  • Custom made tone capacitors based on the original Mustard Cap™. These capacitors truly represent the originals.
  • Premium Quality, super fast Electrolytics.


  • Custom hand-wound, premium transformers.
  • Both transformers are packing serious iron and strongly deliver a wonderful, robust vocabulary to our amps.


  • Celestion Alnico Blue and Celestion G12H30
  • The new, brighter Tone Tubby Alnico Hemp-Cone or Ceramic Hemp-Cone Speakers.
  • The house amps of 65Amps use an Alnico Blue or Tone Tubby Alnico and a G12H30 together . . . a great combination!
  • Lots of punch and throaty detail at the same time.

Tube Sockets

  • Highest grade ceramic power and rectifier tube sockets for maximum life.
  • Micalex preamp tube sockets for reduced microphonics.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Custom Handmade double-turret board.
  • Sealed Military -Spec Toggle switches.
  • Custom Handmade Baltic Birch cabinet built to exacting specifications.

List prices back in the days (2008):

  • Combo - $3,095
  • Head - $2,395

User manual:

The user manual .pdf you can download below.

65 Amps London User Manual