Named after the Marquee Club in London (UK) and therefore also sometimes referred to as "Marquee Club".
On the panel of the amps however it's just "Marquee". Only 42 have been produced.


Designed and voiced to behave exactly like several of the most renowned mid-powered amps. The rich power of 4xEL84’s Cathode Biased running in Class A, make this amp an instant hit. The Marquee Club, aside from being more powerful than the London, has a wide tonal palette that can easily range from crystalline, chimey cleans to very aggressive, natural distortion. This amp is the “go to” amp for a working player who needs a lot of tone in one box. With an extended vocabulary well above most amps of this family, the Marquee Club will serve well. Introduced in 2006.



35 Watts, 4 x EL84, 2 x12AX7, 1 x Cascode 12AX7, 1 x 5AR4 / GZ34 (or 5U4; see video below).

Complete point to point hand wiring, 100% hand assembled with care and 100% made in the USA.

Each amp is custom voiced and broken-in thoroughly before sale to ensure 100% reliability and maximum tone!


The normal channel is a cascoded twin-triode operating in Pentode mode with Tone and 6-way Color controls (therefore also referred to as the "Color Channel"). This channel delivers beautiful classic 60’s British tone with that unique Pentode depth. This channel has a more mid-focused classic British sound with densely stacked harmonics that blossom easily. With a volume knob, tone knob and 6-way Color Switch, this channel can deliver some very sophisticated variations on "Britt".

The classic channel is 12AX7 based with a unique treble, mid and bass tonestack unlike traditional “classic” tonestacks. This is a gain switchable channel that can deliver unbelievably rich & musical crunch or loads of chime & jangle at the flick of a switch. In other words: a treble, mid and bass channel with a dual gain stage 12AX7 with switchable booster. This channel does excellent British cleans and easily progresses into rich, harmonic saturation that always sounds natural and musical.

Cut knob

Affecting both channels.


Pre-amp tubes: 2 premium graded, tested 12AX7’s.
Phase inverter: 1 premium 12 AX7
Power tubes: 4 matched and graded premium EL84's.
Rectifier: 1 premium tested 5AR4 / GZ34 (or 5U4 for softer, bluesier tone; see video below).


1/2 Watt premium carbon comps in all tone-affecting positions.
1% or 2% Metal films, wire wound/silicone coated otherwise.


Custom made tone capacitors based on the original Mustard Cap™.
These capacitors truly represent the originals.
Premium Quality, super fast Electrolytics.


Custom hand-wound, premium transformers.
Both transformers are packing serious iron and strongly deliver a wonderful, robust vocabulary to our amps.

Tube Sockets:

Highest grade ceramic power and rectifier tube sockets for maximum life.
Micalex preamp tube sockets for reduced microphonics.

Nuts & Bolts:

Custom Handmade double-turret board.
Sealed Military -Spec Toggle switches.

List prices back in the days (2008):

  • Head - $2,895

Rectifier 5AR4 / GZ34 or 5U4?

In the video on the left is explained what to consider before you swap your standard 5AR4 / GZ34 for a 5U4 rectifier. Thanks towards D-Lab Electronics for the - as always - informative and well explained video.