The History Of 65 Amps

65 Amps was founded by Dan Boul and Peter Stroud in 2002 (incorporated in 2004) but for the outside world it all officially began with the presentation in Booth 1765 in Hall E at Winter NAMM 2005. All the information on this website can without any doubt be found elsewhere on the internet, but it can take quite some time to find and categorize it. As I was searching for background information about the amps I played and loved I found myself repeating these searches too often, so I saved them. Please don't blame me when info seems incorrect as I'm only a humble guitarist which happens to be a fan of 65 Amps. This website will hopefully spare you some search time and this way gives you more time to play your axe (preferably through a "65"; did I already mention I'm a fan?). Have fun!

Blue Line

Information about the fifteen 65 Amps Blue Line amps.

Red Line

Information about the three 65 Amps Red Line amps.

Black Line

Information about the two 65 Amps Black Line amps.


Information about the three pedals 65 Amps made.

Best 65 Amps tribute video ever!

The maker of the video below is so in love with his 65 Amps Royal Albert (who isn't?) that he made a video for - in his words - "the best sounding amplifiers I've ever played". What a great video!

Lunch with Dan Boul - July 18th 2024

Below Dan Boul of 65 Amps and his weekly webshow.

Live every Thursday of the week around noon (Los Angeles, California U.S. time). Visit the 65 Amps Fans Facebook page to join in!