The Red Line Cabinets:

65 Amps Red Line 2 x 12 cabinet


65amps' Red Line guitar cabinets come with G12H30 Celestions, giving you tons of punch and throaty detail. Red Line guitar cabinets are perfectly matched to the company's heads and work great as extension cabinets for their combo amps. Constructed of void-free Baltic birch, these open-back cabs sound crisp and punchy, and they can stand up to the abuse of your busiest road schedule. Solid joints also deliver superior responsiveness and articulation.


Like the Blue Line guitar cabinets of 65 Amps, the Red Line cabinets normally have an impedance 16Ω as well. You can of course always look on the tag that should be on the speaker to tell you what the impedance is. When in doubt you can easily measure the impedance of your cabinet with the help of a multimeter and your TS speaker cable (TS stands for tip - sleeve). Insert your TS speaker cable in the cabinet and measure on the other end of the cable with your multimeter (set to Ω) the impedance across the tip and the sleeve. The multimeter only measures resistance (not impedance). Please remind that the multimeter, set on resistance, will therefore always measure lower than the impedance of the speaker. If you measure a speaker that is 16Ω, you will measure anywhere between 10Ω and 14Ω. An 8Ω speaker will measure approximately between 5Ω to 7Ω and a 4Ω speaker will measure around 2Ω to 3Ω. Impedance always measures a lower resistance than the rated impedance.


112 cabinet: 21.5" W x 12.75" D x 19.75" H
212 cabinet: 27.75" W x 10" D x 21.75" H

List prices back in the days (2014):

1 x 12 cabinet $495.00
2 x 12 cabinet $ 595.00

65 Amps Red Line 1 x 12 cabinet