A footswitchable amplifier from 65 Amps came with a footswitch from Hosa. Some of them were rebranded with the 65 Amps logo. The dual latching Hosa FSC-385 came with the amps that had a boost function and a tremolo or in the case of the 65 Amps Empire with one switch of the foot pedal you can switch between first and second voice of this amp and with the other switch you can switch it's third voice on and off.

The mono latching Hosa FSC-384 came with amps that did have the Bump feature but didn't have a tremolo feature and therefore only needed one switch.

Connecting cables needed are: 1/4" TS (FSC-384) and 1/4" TRS (FSC-385).

65 Amps Empire with a rebranded "65 Amps" switch on the left and a Hosa FSC-385 dual-latching footswitich on the right.

Hosa FSC-384

Hosa FSC-384 footswitch still in its original package.